Instagram users have increased from 110 million in 2013 to a whopping 1130.2 million in 2022, and out of this, 90% of them follow at least 1 business account. Thus, Instagram Marketing is fast becoming the latest platform opted by many new ventures.

It has become one of the most reliable social media platforms to market a brand. However, there are still a few challenges that small businesses have to face while on Instagram. Knowing about the challenges and overcoming them can help businesses to outgrow their competitors.

Below Are Some Of These Challenges:

It Can Be a Challenge To Manage Profiles On a Mobile Screen

Mobile apps can be inconvenient for brands while editing shots, strategic and thoughtful posting, switching through multiple accounts, and replying to a huge number of comments.

The photo editor and effects on Instagram are fantastic. Nevertheless, using a phone’s tiny screen to enhance images properly might be a chore. The Instagram app has a challenge when you require the same functionalities on a larger screen.

Whereas the Instagram app may be seen on a computer, it cannot be used to edit pictures. For individuals who like to edit on their computers, such Instagram issues can be extremely aggravating. Furthermore, you cannot edit photos, post reels, or start a live video from the desktop. Also, IGTV does not function on the desktop. Thus, for using these functionalities of Instagram, one has to resort to the mobile version only.

Iconosquare, on the other hand, takes care of this issue for you. Whilst the Instagram app allows you to browse, like, and react to photos, it also allows you to publish stuff on the site. Thus, this app sorts this one Instagram marketing challenge.

The Target Audience Might Not Be On Instagram

Though Instagram is a highly used platform, a brand’s target audience doesn’t need to be on Instagram. One more factor why many individuals recommend adopting Instagram is because it has a billion users.

Africa has a population of over 1 billion individuals, and just since the population is enormous doesn’t imply you must promote them. Irrespective of which social forum you use, if you’re addressing the wrong site or area, you’re squandering your money and effort. For example, while there are already 1 billion people on Instagram, the majority of them are under the age of 35.

What sector and readership your new business is aiming to reach will determine how you use Instagram. There are other ways to promote small business advertising as well. However, the visual nature of Instagram distinguishes it from other social networking mediums. Instagram is the ideal medium to promote content if you own a firm that profits from the appearance of your merchandise or if you offer a service with a visible result. However, it is not limited to only such types of firms.

On Instagram, what matters is how you strategize brand building and business promotion. Businesses that do not focus on visual aspects of their products or services, can engage in posting more user-oriented content. Thus, one needs to optimize according to their brand whether Instagram Marketing is worth their time and efforts.

If your target demographic is not potentially using Instagram, putting time and effort into this medium is pointless if your target group isn’t likely to participate using it.

And then you’ll foot the bill if you choose to pursue the incorrect group. Therefore it can be a challenging platform for the brands whose target audience is difficult to interact with.

Lack Of Scheduling-Post Functionality

In today’s cutthroat industry, you must publish your stuff regularly on social media. The insights on Instagram’s business profiles enable you to determine when the majority of your following is active. Those are the periods when you should upload content to gain the most interaction.

Because Instagram does not provide a scheduling feature, if you wish to post whenever your primary readership is active, you have to be present at that time. Unfortunately, these times frequently conflict with those of other pursuits. This is regarded as the most pressing Instagram marketing challenge by the business community active on the platform. However, one can solve this problem with the help of the Creator Studio feature offered by Facebook.

People can use Creator Studio to administer multiple Facebook pages at the same time. You may monitor interaction numbers, engage in discussion and conversations straight in your mailbox, and receive critical information about newly posted content. The utility also allows you to generate and amend feed posts without needing to go through each one individually.

Creator Studio

Source: Social Media Examiner 

From your desktop, you can now edit, write, and post everything on your Instagram stuff except stories using Creator Studio. You could keep draft posts to deal with later, schedule posts to appear online at a subsequent time and date, and alter the caption and position of entries that have already been published.

These Instagram constraints might make polishing a post and then uploading it at the same time a tiresome chore. However, there are a few third-party applications to help you solve this issue. You may acquire and deploy a variety of scheduling programs to help you arrange your material long in advance.

This would not only spare you time but would also allow you to approach your intended demographic. You could also make use of software like Iconosquare.

schedule posts for multiple social profiles at the same time

Source: Iconsquare

Balancing Multiple Instagram Accounts

Could you imagine that just before 2020, if you decided to move from any of your Instagram profiles to the next, you had to sign out from it and subsequently log back in?

In the beginning, this difficulty caused a lot of problems for startups adopting Instagram marketing. It was among the most prevalent issues raised by Instagram users. When you’re maintaining many Instagram business accounts, switching out and back in might be a time-consuming process.

Here are a few additional alternatives for dealing with this Instagram annoyance and handling several accounts from a single location. Fotogramme is software that allows you to administer numerous Instagram accounts. It enables users to see pictures, like and react to them, manage the follows, and save users and hashtags as favorites for quick reference. So, if all you want is a more satisfying and useful method to handle your Instagram interaction and comments, Fotogramme is the app for you.

Fotogramme for instagram

Source: Quora 

However, this problem has been resolved thanks to Instagram’s current developments. To change profiles these days, all you have to do is go to the profile, press on the option, and choose the account. Instead, you can choose the accounts you want to open by long-pressing on the picture symbol.

Tidying Up Followers 

In the beginning, we either boosted our profile to gain a larger readership or followed accounts that shared our interests. After a period, the number of Instagram followers grows to the point where we can no longer like fresh accounts. At that point, we must unfollow the profiles that are no longer active. Identifying these dormant profiles, however, makes up for a major Instagram marketing challenge that people face.

Aside from this, there are a couple of third-party applications and sites that provide a thorough examination of all of the current and dormant profiles on our list. These applications are quite useful since they unfollow accounts that violate Instagram’s safety standards.

It’s difficult to tell who’s truly connecting with you, who’s continuing to follow you out, and who’s removing you from their follower list once your followers list grows. It might be difficult to maintain sight of who follows you on Instagram as your brand grows in popularity. And then eventually, the same goes for people who are unfollowing you.

Even while it may not appear to be a major issue on Instagram, it is stuff you should be aware of. You must keep your following list tidy and genuine to preserve your brand’s reputation. Don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning up your follower list? Here’s a suggestion;

You could want to unfollow profiles that do not reciprocate your follow. You could use Instagram apps like Combin to find such accounts. All you have to do is click on the tool’s “Users” section. Then select “Non-Followers” from the drop-down menu. Select the ones whom you want to unfollow and click ‘Unfollow the users’. Alternatively, you could use the app called Crowdfire which allows the same function.

Tidying up Followers

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Instagram’s app now only has one option for identifying idle users: Least Interacted With. The upper 50 inactive profiles we follow are displayed in this category. When we unfollow these, the subsequent 50 dormant ones appear, and so on.

The Bottom Line

As a concluding remark, you must first research well on the effectiveness of Instagram as a marketing tool for your business. Once that is decided, you should go over its various features of it and how you can put them to the best use. There are a plethora of cost-effective tools which can aid you in forming an appropriate marketing strategy.

You could opt to make a Social Media Marketing Calendar synchronizing all of your social media posting schedules. Also, consult a social media marketing expert to help you reap the maximum benefits of Instagram for your business.